How outside catering is changing

chris-the-chef-may-2017-001When I was growing up in the hustle of restaurant kitchens, never once did I think that I would set up an outside catering business. I always saw myself working in fine dining restaurants until one day I would eventually own my own premises. Well, now I have achieved an even better role, as every event I cater at I treat like it’s my own pop up restaurant. Being hired as a private chef for dinner parties not only lets clients have their own personal event for the night, it also allows me and my team to have our own restaurant for the night, giving us the opportunity to show people how fantastic outside catering can be in the right hands.

Peoples misconceptions about outside catering being slapdash, is starting to be changed by thechris-the-chef-041 food that private chefs and quality catering companies across the country are serving. Food has become trendy again and it’s only right that people are served bespoke, inspired and fantastic tasting food at outside catering events. I pride myself on trying to keep up to date with seasonal produce so I can provide the very best of what this country has to offer on my menus, so that every dinner party, wedding or event I cater for has the best ingredients they can possibly have; which in turn makes sure every dish tastes the best it possibly can.

Gone are the days of dry chicken with a few vegetables and a bland sauce, gone are the generic menus that have been churned out by uninspired catering companies for years. Menus are now fresh and vibrant, have been written and designed by people who care and are passionate about what every mouthful should taste like! It amazes me that outside catering companies still think that everyone’s tastes are stuck in the 70’s, whilst thinking that people will be happy with the same menu their last 10 clients had.

Now I understand that there are still people who prefer the more traditional taste of food, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a menu which is traditional; bespoke to their own traditional tastes. Why not create something using traditional ingredients, but make it new and exciting in a way they’ve never had it before? This way, when they sit down to eat it they are inspired and feel like they’ve helped put that dish together; which will make them enjoy it that little bit more.


To get inspired and start creating a menu that is bespoke to you, get in touch.

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